Wir teilen die wunderbar ausgearbeiteten Grundsätze von collaboratio helvetica:


We respect and care for nature and ourselves

We are wholly committed to respecting and regenerating the beauty, wholeness and diversity of life and to rebalancing our connection to Earth for future generations. We shift unhealthy patterns and allow the cyclic nature to unfold. We know we are in this for the long run, so we take time to mature and sustain our energy over time.


We dare to dive deep – together

To truly create the conditions for the required transformation, we need to move beyond fighting the symptoms and go to the root causes. Challenging and shifting deeply ingrained and institutionalised patterns and mindsets individually and collectively is critical to envisage systemic solutions. Together, we go deeper to the essence and open up to healthy pathways forward.


We activate and work with the power of collective intelligence

We work towards collective transformation as an enlivened community fostering true collaborations between people, organisations and sectors. We commit to scale ideas and impact rather than individual success. We build on what is and cultivate a vibrant ecosystem by connecting multiple dots. Practicing shared leadership enables us to sense beyond fragmentation, creating coherence and synergy.


We co-create across boundaries leveraging diversity

We see collaboration and participation as essential to leverage societal change. Building bridges across perceived boundaries and bringing together unlikely allies are key to manifest the solutions that are required. We believe in the potential for wellbeing for all and know that everyone has a unique contribution to make, and anyone feeling this call is welcome in our community.


We start with ourselves, here and now

To change the “world”, we start with ourselves. We turn the focus inwards and embrace what is while striving to embody the change we know is possible. We thrive by learning, staying curious and playful. We are our own prototype, co-creating new ways of being and working together.


We act through iterative processes and share our learnings

Forging the new by building on what’s present, we invite playfulness and give it our best shot. We dare to fail, adjust our course and learn as a community of practice. We probe, sense and respond. We build upon each other’s contributions and share our practices and knowledge openly.


We embrace the yet unknown

We are at ease with complexity and uncertainty and trust emergent processes. We see conflict as an opportunity to learn how to tread on a healthy path of co-evolution. We stay rooted in the now while firmly holding the long-term intention – together we stay present in moments of creative tension and friction.


We are accountable and engaged

By taking responsibility for and embodying our commitments we nurture trust amongst each other and enhance our shared vision and work. We practice to speak with intention and listen with attention, being in both open and truthful dialogue. We strive to be transparent, embrace vulnerability and stay present.